Alexander Metcalf, PhD

Dr. Alexander E. Metcalf, as President of the company, assumes overall responsibility for the firm’s transportation, economics and systems studies. He is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of transportation economics, demand forecasting, economic and financial analysis, and transportation models and systems, with particular expertise in rail and port business planning. Dr. Metcalf held management positions in different companies including Cole, Sherman & Associates, Transecon International, British Rail and London Transport. He has implemented projects in Britain, Ireland, Canada and the U.S.

Celia Pew

Ms. Celia Pew, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Economist with TEMS, is a highly experienced transportation and land use economist who is a specialist in urban development economics. She has been responsible for the project management and coordination of a number of major economic and land use planning studies throughout North America. These studies, both private and public sector, have included central and local government, development agencies, and the railroad and transit agencies and industries.

Edwin "Chip" Kraft, PhD

Dr. Edwin "Chip" Kraft, Director of Operations, has over 25 years of experience in the railroad industry. Dr. Kraft has worked on both freight and passenger planning projects in prior positions at ConRail, CSX, Union Pacific, and Amtrak. He is a recognized expert in passenger and freight rail operations, simulation and project evaluation. Dr. Kraft is the author of numerous papers and articles on rail operations and line capacity modeling, and holds two U.S. patents for improved rail yard designs. His project management responsibilities include the NOACA Great Lakes Hyperloop Feasibility Study, Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, Cleveland Hub Study, VIA Rail infrastructure and operations systems project and freight railroad capacity studies.

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