(Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc.)  
is a leader in Operations Planning, Demand Forecasting, Economic
Analysis, Infrastructure Management, and Systems Development.
The company has developed a reputation in interstate modeling, particularly
using stated preference surveys that provide input to demand modeling
systems applying proprietary computer software models and techniques.

TEMS’ clients include federal, state and local transportation agencies;
railroad companies and transit authorities; international development
organizations; investment and commercial banks; and a wide range
of private sector companies throughout North America and abroad.

TEMS provides specialized management, planning, market research,
economic, and systems technology consulting services. Wholly owned
and operated by its principals for more than 15 years, the practice is
built around four areas of transportation consultation:

Operation planning and capacity analysis

Ridership demand and revenue forecasting  

Economic impact assessment  

Financial analysis and business plan development.

Within each of these areas, the firm has established and merged modern
interactive computer systems with advanced and proven analytical techniques

TEMS designed the RightTrack© Business Planning System, a suite of
interactive software that formulates alternative scenarios in order to
optimize outcomes by balancing capital investment and projected ridership
and revenue. TEMS’ team of experienced specialists analyze the output
generated by the system and makes informed recommendations to clients.

TEMS uses its extensive industry experience to develop systems that
provide an interface between tactical, day-to-day management problems
and overall corporate and public goals of the industry. TEMS’ systems
are user-friendly and easily accessible by engineers and planners with
little or no computer expertise. They prioritize the decision-making process
and interact directly with both existing and developing databases.

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