MONITOR© Track Management System

The MONITOR© maintenance management system was developed to meet the need for a practical, easy-to-use, yet highly-refined management tool that would enable management an engineering personnel to make better decisions on track, highway, and bridge maintenance. 
provides a single, easily accessible source of detailed information on track, highway, or bridge conditions—-historical, current, and future—for individual track or highway segments, as well as aggregate information at division, regional, and system levels. A key feature of the system is its ability to assist in establishing in-house quality standards, which are appropriate for a given Department of Transportation, railroad, or transit company’s environment. 

MONITOR© employs the concept of the quality index to assess a given track or highway segment: the quality deteriorates with usage and is improved with maintenance work programs. MONITOR© facilitates the planning of future expenditures and overall resource allocation by providing optimized maintenance plans. MONITOR© predicts future levels of track, highway, or bridge quality for specific track or highway sections, tests the potential impacts of various work program strategies on individual track or highway sections, and establishes effective priorities for maintenance. Specific applications of the MONITOR© maintenance management system include British Rail, Burlington Northern Railroad, London Transport, and CP rail.



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